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Baffling facts about Apple you probably don’t know about

Steve Jobs, one of the very most enigmatic leaders and innovator of our generation, passed away in the year 2011. But years later, his legacy lives on and Apple became the most precious business on the planet in the year 2014. Apple has nonetheless remained the same firm that was secretive that it always has been, even several years following the passing of Jobs. Therefore many interesting facts exist about this business unless of course in case an aficionado of Apple and its products are you that you most likely have never even heard of. Let us take a look at several of the very most interesting facts about Apple Inc. I am sure you’ll be amazed and they might give you a glimplse of the secret recipes that turn out such revolutionary products as iPhone and the iPod.

Its remarkable secrecy will be none other than Apple, if there is any company that is best known for it. You would not believe it that apart from Steve Jobs and his tiny team of engineers, nobody had seen what an iPhone looked like before its first introduction to the market in 2007. This form of secretiveness is remarkably amazing, but all of us wonder how these men triumphed to attain that. It’s said that Apple frequently comes up with fake endeavors just to test their workers’ dependability. In case an employee is entitled to leaks and such a job out information, they’re fired instantly.

According to a study in 2013, Apple’s revenue per worker is ‘off the graph’. Each Apple worker brings in for the business a whopping annual revenue of $2. 13 million. This really is an insane value since in case you consider that every IBM’s employee exclusively creates in income for the business below $250,000. Trailing behind in the 2nd position is the $500,000 and also Cisco earnings each employee brings in is still far fetched from what the worker brings in. sum each AppleIt’s intriguing to perceive if such pattern even conceivable for their sake to break its own record and how far it could continue.

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Apple keeps on amazing every one of us at how well they’ve achieved much since we are at the beginning of the new millenium. As as a brand and a business, they continue to shatter beliefs of what’s possible. They continue to attain magnificence as they transcend heights man impossible at such an early part of this new millennium and have performed at every degree. Tim Cook had a huge shoes to fill upon the departure of Steve Jobs back in 2011. Many believe that Apple’s finest days are over but Tim Cook and his team has thus far shown they can keep the company’s increase at least for now. But we know that nothing lasts for eternity. That makes it far more interesting to watch whether they’re going to relent and how Apple will maintain the’s performance and this is as market analysts and supporters will continue to be on the lookout for innovations that are new to see whether the next release is another success.


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The secret about the Wireless Technology Myths & Facts

We’re living in a wonderful time, a time where almost every apparatus is capable of connecting to each other wirelessly. It’s amazing to think about how much technology has come and yet we are still at the dawn of a new age that many are referring to as ‘The Internet of Things’. It’s sure that all these wirelessly-interconnected devices that we use now are very advantageous to our daily lives, undoubtedly making the way we control the multiple tools that we use daily considerably more suitable. For better or for worse, we’re now living in a wireless world, now since there’s no escaping from it I chose to educate myself at some of the myths, superstitions, and disinformation concerning wireless technologies and checked if they have some grain of truth in them.



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In an only a matter of few years, most of us have now switched to using smartphone. We also have become greatly attached and dependent on our cellphone. There’s something that all men need to be careful of. Some folks indicated that mobile phone can cause infertility among males. The reasoning behind this claim is fairly easy and rational. When put near the pant pockets, the sperms will be exposed to the radiation emitted from the phone and it might weaken or kill them. I think this is a myth that contains little or no truth in it although it’s consistently good to be caution.

Nowadays, there is been a glut of new WiFi capable devices that have support for the new 5. 8GHz spectrum alongside with the standard 2. 4GHz spectrum. Lots of people wrongly believe that 5. 8Ghz is better than 2. 4Ghz, it’s not mechanically better like how moving away from the 900MHz formerly used by cells led to better speed. But while it is technically erroneous, it actually depends upon your definition of better. The leading reason behind addition of the 5. 8GHz spectrum is the over crowdedness of 2. 4GHz, not that it is better. It is normal to hear folks saying that they discover their WiFi performance to be better when they changed to 5. 8GHz. The single rationale that is true is since there are gadgets and less people using that spectrum.

The wireless technology is having a great impact on the way individuals interact and carry their day-to-day chores. At the similar time, it’s quite intriguing to realize how some of us have wireless technology that is totally misunderstood. Though I’m not a wireless pro myself, I’ve merely discussed about my personal view on the subject that I find fascinating. I am hoping from this simple discussion, you may be able to distinguish the facts from the myths surrounding wireless technology. I’m no pro when it comes to this area, so please do comment and bring forth your view on wireless technology and maybe collectively we can distinguish between myths and facts.

The amateur guide to the Disruptive Technologies

There is a famous quote which says that change is the only continuous on the planet. There’s great truth in this quote, particularly where technology is concerned as well as the tumultuous impact it’s had on our everyday lives. I’ve collated a record of some, an entire one would be exhausting, of the technologies and companies that I believe has greatly changed my entire life. All these have truly changed my life and the way I go about matters now. While a few of these innovations help me to be productive in a day, others have helped me accomplish things I never believed possible before they were introduced to me. Let’s take a look at these wonderful innovation and I hope you enjoy them.

Social media as a theory had been with us for decades, but it was Facebook that made it a crucial portion of our everyday living as well as a global reality. Facebook is not without its controversy but its influence is really enormous that nearly all of the World political leaders are covering Facebook as a political medium. To a lot of individuals, Facebook is simply amazing as it enables you to connect with a lot of your long lost friends. As of end of 2014, Facebook boasts of nearly a billion users, making its database the largest on the world. At this pace, it seems like it won’t be long till every single man in the world is on Facebook.

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What started as nothing but a location where cat owners share adorable images of their cats, Instagram has disrupted the manner we share images with the world. The pictures clicked from the smartphones could be easily re-created to different opinions and moods using the built in filters. The rising popularity of this photo-station was viewed as a significant menace by Facebook, which in turn compelled it to spend a whopping $1 billion to acquire Instagram. This really is a huge figure, bearing in mind that Instagram had only 13 employees at that time.

With more folks using smartphones today, Internet traffic is exploding and data is growing more and more affordable. Whatsapp is the messaging system which is responsible to bring down the golden era of Short Messaging System or SMS as we all know it. Now, SMS has been disrupted by Whatsapp, from the simple motive that Whatsapp convey better and more effectively and allows its users to text. Users can develop a group and broadcast a message to the whole group with a single click. This entire package of pros seemed not possible before the arrival of Whatsapp. This revolutionizing business was valued at a mind blowing twenty billion dollars at the time of its own acquisition by Facebook in the year 2014.

I always attempt to catch up with the latest and the best technology to stay useful, while I’m not actually that understanding about it. Many new technologies are being innovated. And by the looks of it, the continuous changes and technology disruptions in our lives won’t end anytime soon. There are sectors and businesses waiting to be revolutionized by technology. For those who have some remarks or some exciting technologies to share, do feel free to lose your comment below.



Quick guides to help you understand more about Strangest Places on Earth

Our planet earth has some quite fascinating places that anyone will relish seeing if presented with the opportunity to do it. There are many odd places on the planet though the most unexpected of will definitely leave you gasping. Being one of those individuals who always love traveling, adventuring and discovering the most strange matters concerning this planet that we call our dwelling, a while back I compiled a list of the weirdest places to have been discovered in the world. I have not been to a huge amount of them though I’ve added them to my list and I’ll without a doubt see them in case I get a chance. I believed I’ll share them here and I trust you will appreciate them.

Located south of Tokyo is a town called Miyake-jima island and it is one of the weirdest place on earth because everyone who’s living in this city will have to carry a gas mask. The main reason is since they’re dwelling in the heart of Mt Oyama where it’s considered to be among the most deadly volcano. There is a public crisis system constantly on standby to caution inhabitants of any rise in gas that is poisonous. I always wonder why these people still choose to go back to place their lives at such threat. I imagine there are just some odd things which are wired within us and none of us can completely comprehend.

New Zealand is one of the states with statistics that is curious and it’s famed for a lot of reasons that range from sheep population to social and customs systems. One bizarre place that I’ve found lately is a city where the number of the dead is more than the number of the living. This city can be said to have less than 2000 living residents in a land that’s home to over 1. 5 million dead bodies. I imagine it must be quite a spooky area. You can don’t hesitate to check such a place out next time, while there aren’t any specific reasons for seeing it San Diego is in close view.

Varosha is a city in Cyprus that has become a ghost town. It is no longer the bustling city Varosha used to be although it used to be very popular with toursists. Residents of Varosha were driven away after the Turkish invasion in 1947. This area remains abandoned but the invasion stands totally frozen only like how it prior to the invasion, following it was over. When viewed from afar it is easy to think activities are bustling within this city simply like it was back in the early 1970s before invasion except that no one lives there. Thinking about walking into this town that is uninhabited merely rouses a thrilling feeling that is freakish.

Clearly there are several other odd places on world and this really is just a very small record of the oddest of them all. Honestly, my imagination is outdone by these areas and finding the existence of these places taught me to have a more open mind. Though some of these bizarre locations sound too frightening for me, I love to give them a visit some day. Looking at their pictures and reading about these unusual areas can say a lot although nothing compares to real experiences of stepping into the realms of those surroundings. I’ll try and keep my list current, as I find more strange and amazing positions.


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How to decide a perfect clip on ear rings

Every product that’s manmade will see its worth being eroded over time but jewelry is an exception to this. I find how the term jewelry has been used so extensively that in many cases, I’d classify them as misuse. I recall how jewelry pieces were so highly regarded because they are made of such high quallity materials as diamond, silver and gold. But in today’s world, affordable jewelry made of imitation tends to control the marketplace and one good example is I was searching for an elephant necklace lately. I wouldn’t consider those cheap imitations to be actual jewelry despite the fact that I am not a professional jeweler myself. The value of these imitations are so inexpensive that they are not even worth keeping in the best jewelry wardrobe. There are several matters that may be discussed pertaining to jewelry and here are just some which I believed to be interesting.

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Many people pick their jewelries based on nothing but their visual attractiveness. Interestingly, jewelry was utilized in certain elements of the world as amulet and one good example is the elephant necklace. Nevertheless, as time passes by, many of such popular symbols have evolved and embraced by mainstream consumers. To mainstream consumers, they’re just concerned about style and visual aesthetic. The very next time you see someone wearing¬†elephant necklaces, you can ask them about its symbolic meaning and I can bet with you they may totally unaware of the significance behind it. This is why even for supposedly spiritual or symbolic jewelry pieces like an elephant necklace, there exists broad number of stylish and unique designs.

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Many people tend to spend lots of cash plus time inside their jewelry purchases but frequently overlooked the value of proper jewelry storage. You may have custom or a different manner of wearing your jewelry and this is why the best jewelry storage idea for me may not be the best for you. It’d be those traditional jewelry armoires if there’s one thing that’s survived the test of time. Unfortunately, for those of us who really are living in compact urban city where space is a high-end, traditional jewelry cupboards may be too bulky. The other popular choice would be to go with wall-mounted jewelry armoire. But also you have dozens of necklaces in your group and if you’re a necklace lover, necklace holder will likely be the best choice for you. Of course there are several other options including jewelry tree and jewelry box. Based on these few examples alone, you can observe it is your unique preference which will determine which is the best alternative for you and that there are lots of jewelry storage ideas.

Any mention of jewelry easily fascinates me. Nothing can stop me from going on and on but I’ll stop here for now. I would like you to remember that it is not, only mesmerizes the next instance you’re taking a look at a beautiful piece of jewelry like an elephant necklace but make an effort to inquire whether there is a meaning connected with that. I’m not sure about you but women normally invest heavily in their own jewelry and it is an investment that’s well worth protecting. Don’t rush into your choice for jewelry storage as there are dozens of jewelry storage ideas accessible. Someone may be telling you that you should get the best jewelry cabinet but remember that what works best for her might not be the best for you. On the exact same note, the finest jewelry drawer may be costly but it might be the best protection you’ll be able to get for all your jewelry investment.

A coffee maker of true beauty

It’s been a little while since I have start to consider of purchasing a coffee maker.

I was initially split between drip and french press type of coffee makers. Ultimately, my heart went for drip however not just any drip. I’m glad i had gone for Chemex.


Nowadays, this cool-looking toy makes me the envy of my peers and I’ve been getting a great deal of compliments about it.

Top 5 Hollywood Movies of 2013

In the blink of an eye, the entire year 2013 will be over. As we wind down from the frantic pace of the working place, many of us would-be pre-occupied with a couple of things at heart. There are things that will last longer in our memories than others. I really believe many of us would not only be looking back but also looking forward to what the new year would bring.

As a movie fan, I watch almost all the movies that were showcased in the cinema and every year, I would come up with a listing of movies that I considered as best for the year. I am not the harshest hollywood critics but I would still say several of the films that have been coming out haven’t been very good lately. There are certain movies that are produced based on badly written scripts and it’s quite common for blockbuster movies to be used only being a display of the state-of-the-art visual effects capability.

But let’s set the debate aside and just take a glance at my favorite picks for the entire year.

    • Star Trek Into Darkness
    • Before Midnight
    • Iron Man 3
    • 12 Years A Slave
    • Pacific Rim




  • ¬† Blue Jasmine

Select A Perfect Engagement Ring That Can Linger in People’s Minds

Ben Affleck’s selection for a pink diamond engagement ring to Jennifer Lopez on their engagement turned out to be juicy celebrity news not merely because of its excessively high price tag, but additionally because pink-colored diamond is barely used in a diamond ring. Its individuality had been so exceptional that it became the very hot topic of discussion. While you might not be in a position to pay for a ring coming from Harry Winston’s, taking that extra step in picking out a distinctive engagement ring will not just help to make it unforgettable, but it may catch other’s attention also.

There are numerous engagement ring models for you to choose ring design which interests you most though if you prefer a unique engagement ring style, you’ll be able to approach a jeweler to custom design this kind of ring for you. Deciding on the metal that will be used to make your engagement is sometime a great problem.

In most cases engagement rings are produced from possibly white or yellow gold; nevertheless, you may opt for some other metals such as Palladium, Platinum, Stainless Steel, Silver as well as Titanium.

The ring’s price will generally rely on the kind of gem and metal selected. As gold prices continue to remain higher, these metals are some great choices to have a ring made.

To have your own one in a lifetime ring look exceptional, choose a distinctive ring setting in addition to a ring gem which will interest you as a couple. You can additionally choose a special gem that your companion likes. Generally, diamond is actually the most common gem utilized mainly because of its conventional value, however, you may use any other gemstone of your preference. For instance, you may pick a birthstone for the main setting in order to frame a diamond. The importance of selecting a distinctive gem for ring setting is it helps make your ring appear special and outstanding.

Generally, settings can be easily completed in princess cut, round-cut, square-cut or pear-shaped diamond engagement rings. In case your fiancee is keen with this specific aspect, then you definitely must take time to observe her personal preference while going to a jewelry shop or even through the jewelry she presently owns.

Aside from having a completely new ring made to order, you can select from a vintage style engagement rings to give your intended an original ring from earlier times. Not much changes has occurred so far as engagement rings usually are concerned because diamond was discovered as well as used in engagement ring jewellery consequently, a vintage style engagement rings is still stylish and special to the person who would wear it first.

A vintage ring can end up being a family heirloom that has been passed down to every generation. This may instantly create a feeling of belonging in addition to devotion to your fiancee, not to mention the happiness it brings to your loved ones by simply following tradition. This ring can then be passed on to your very own child or grandchild, who will carry on the family tradition.


Whether the ring you decide on is actually pre-made in a storefront, passed down inside the family or whether you have one created specifically for the one you would like to marry, having an one of a kind engagement ring may help to make her feel just like you put a great deal a thought directly into the ring and making the ring far more special. People may notice it, end up being happy for both of you and they might end up being envious at the love it symbolizes.

A Geeky Introduction

There are millions of things in life that we can be obsessed about. One of my strongest obsession is about technology. Let us pause for a moment and try to give it some thought. If there’s any field where change is the only constant, it will be technology and such is the pace of innovation that if you talk to some people, the reference of technology can be very intimidating.

Try asking your dad or grandfather to alter a Word document or implement a filter to the photograph which you’ve simply shot using the mobile camera. Do not be surprised that such small tasks that we tend to take for granted can be seen as tremendously challenging. Many people refer to them as technology laggard. If you believe it’s something amusing, exactly the same thing might only apply to you few years down the road.


At the present, we’re already finding a generational transformation from the age of desktop computing to the era of phones and cloud computing. The reference of cloud computing is enough to make many people feel giddy and if you are one of them, you’d better make sure you do something about it. Should you decide to do nothing about it, be warned of the consequences and don’t blame it on anyone if you discover yourself insignificant few years down the road.

I’m not techiest man or the most savvy but I am a technology lover who happens to have deep fondness with writing. I started blogging not too long ago and by focusing my writing on technology, I expect to keep myself updated with the most recent technological innovation. My door is always opened to any chance. If you love my work and think that we can work together, do not hesitate to drop me an email.