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A Geeky Introduction

There are millions of things in life that we can be obsessed about. One of my strongest obsession is about technology. Let us pause for a moment and try to give it some thought. If there’s any field where change is the only constant, it will be technology and such is the pace of innovation that if you talk to some people, the reference of technology can be very intimidating.

Try asking your dad or grandfather to alter a Word document or implement a filter to the photograph which you’ve simply shot using the mobile camera. Do not be surprised that such small tasks that we tend to take for granted can be seen as tremendously challenging. Many people refer to them as technology laggard. If you believe it’s something amusing, exactly the same thing might only apply to you few years down the road.


At the present, we’re already finding a generational transformation from the age of desktop computing to the era of phones and cloud computing. The reference of cloud computing is enough to make many people feel giddy and if you are one of them, you’d better make sure you do something about it. Should you decide to do nothing about it, be warned of the consequences and don’t blame it on anyone if you discover yourself insignificant few years down the road.

I’m not techiest man or the most savvy but I am a technology lover who happens to have deep fondness with writing. I started blogging not too long ago and by focusing my writing on technology, I expect to keep myself updated with the most recent technological innovation. My door is always opened to any chance. If you love my work and think that we can work together, do not hesitate to drop me an email.

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